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Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine.

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Term: 1 Definition: cervical enlargement Term: 2 Definition: lumbar enlargement Term: 3 Definition: conus medullaris Term: 4 Definition: conus medullaris Term: 5 Definition: filum terminale This preview has intentionally blurred sections.Infectious mononucleosis, or mono, commonly produces cervical lymph node enlargement.This is a procedure in which fluid surrounding the spinal cord (called the cerebrospinal fluid or CSF) is withdrawn through a needle and examined in a lab.

It typically causes back pain and bowel and bladder dysfunction, spastic or flaccid weakness depending on the level of the lesion, and bilateral sensory loss.

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Definition of job enrichment: A job design technique that is a variation on the concept of job enlargement.Cervical dysplasia can range from mild to severe, depending on the appearance of the abnormal cells.Cervical cancer is the easiest gynecologic cancer to prevent, with regular screening tests and follow-up.Cervical cancer occurs when the cells of the cervix grow abnormally and invade other tissues and organs of the body.

Rarely, swollen cervical nodes is a sign of a cancerous process.Cervical (neck) lymph node enlargement Lymph nodes in the head and neck form groups.

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Exam IV, spinal cord, spinal nerves, somatic reflexes. STUDY. PLAY. Spinal Cord.For example, exposing skin to strong sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer.The term indicates that abnormal cells were found on the surface of the cervix.Chronic specific lymphadenitis develops in connection with tuberculosis, syphilis, or other chronic infections.

Two screening tests can help prevent cervical cancer or find it early— Two screening tests can help prevent cervical cancer or find it early—.

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Lumbar puncture is a procedure that is often performed in the emergency department to obtain information about the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).These vertebrae span the large majority of the chest cavity area.Cervical cancer does not typically cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease.

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Synonym: intumescentia lumbalis, lumbar enlargement of spinal cord. (05 Mar 2000).

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A risk factor is anything that changes your chance of getting a disease such as cancer.

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This is an article covering the formation, branches, course and distribution of the cervical plexus.Other known risk factors for cervical cancer include early sexual contact, multiple sexual partners, cigarette smoking, HIV infection and a weakened immune system, and taking oral contraceptives.The term non-toxic goiter refers to enlargement of the thyroid that is not associated with overproduction of thyroid hormone or malignancy.

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Symptoms often do not begin until the cancer becomes invasive and grows into nearby tissue.

An intervertebral disk in which the nucleus pulposus has protruded through surrounding fibrocartilage.

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Chronic lymphadenitis is characterized by enlargement, induration, and decreased mobility of the lymph nodes.The Accessory Nerve This is an article on the anatomy, pathways and.Epidemiology Larsson et al. 38-45% of normal children have palpable cervical lymphadenopathy Park et al. 90% of children aged 4-8 have lymphadenopathy.

Women with early cervical cancers and pre-cancers usually have no symptoms.The lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord corresponds to the mild increase in cross sectional area of the cord from the T11 level to the conus medullaris.Lymphoma is a Rarely, swollen cervical nodes is a sign of a cancerous process.Spinal stenosis occurs most often in the lower back and the neck.

StudyBlue is the largest crowdsourced study library, with over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides from students like you.The lack of ability, knowledge, legal qualification, or fitness to discharge a required duty or professional obligation.

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Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in the cervix, the narrow opening into the uterus from the vagina.Conus medullaris syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms associated with injury to the conus medullaris.

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Definition of job enlargement: A job design technique in which the number of tasks associated with a job is increased (and appropriate training provided) to add greater variety to activities, thus reducing monotony. Job.

Sacral definition is - of, relating to, or lying near the sacrum.Routine Pap screening is important to check for abnormal cells in the cervix, so they can be monitored and treated as early as possible.This test specifically identifies HPV 16 and HPV 18, while concurrently detecting 12.

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Cervical cancer screening tests (e.g., the Papanicolaou (Pap) Test, HPV DNA, Thin-prep) reduce mortality from cervical cancer.The cervical and lumbar enlargements of the spinal cord result from enlargement of the gray matter that contains the neural machinery necessary to operate the limbs.The lumbar spine is located in the lower back below the cervical and thoracic sections of the spine.

The spinal cord enlarges at the cervical and lumbosacral areas in order to accomodate the extra neurons involved with the motor control going to, and.The thoracic vertebrae are located in the middle section of the vertebral column, specifically inferior to the cervical vertebrae and superior to the lumbar vertebrae.