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I can find adapters but nothing that is the inch and a half I need.

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A must have, never install a sump pump discharge without an in-line check valve.

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Slide the pump drive gear onto the shaft until the face is flush with end of the pump shaft.

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GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the manufacturing of water pumps and accessories.Prepare the pump for installation by installing an adapter in the discharge of the pump.


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Next, glue a short, schedule-40 PVC riser into the male adapter using PVC cement.Drained the water with a pump and tried to remove the sump pump.

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And, like many dirt crawl spaces, ours is a damp, musty, fairly disgusting place.Green Leaf began manufacturing products for the agricultural industry in 1979.French Drain for Health Research book about the French Drain by Steve Andras.

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The primary pumps are sold separately so you can add this back up pump system to your existing sump pump.Green Leaf, Inc. designs and manufactures injection molded polypropylene fittings.A union installed just above the sump or basin cover will facilitate future.

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Like many cabins and homes built in the 1950s, our cabin has a dirt crawl space.Some fittings have only pipe threads while others have only hose threads and some have both.

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General purpose pump for residential, light industrial and commercial sump applications.Our 4 year old sump pump failed, it completely shattered its housing and ripped its own wiring out and flooded my basement closet.

A sump pump is a submersible pump that is placed at the bottom of a specially constructed sump pit.

The length of the short, schedule-40 PVC riser will depend on the height of the sump pit liner.

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Perfect for emptying pipe trenches, bailing out a boat, or pumping down a flooded basement. Customer reviews: Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate