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This condition can occur with different medical conditions ranging from blood disorders to infections and certain forms of cancer.

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Enlargement of the heart is also an organic form of heart disease, and may consist of the stretching of which I have just spoken, or a thickening of the heart muscle called hypertrophy.

The right and left atria (RA, LA, upper receiving or priming chambers of the heart) are enlarged or dilated.

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Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the cause of any symptom.

It has many causes, and is a risk factor for a number of other medical conditions including coronary artery disease, aortic dissection, and heart failure.

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In some cases, this harm may be able to be reversed but in others, it is a permanent condition.

Up to a point, an enlarged heart can still pump blood normally.

Hawthorn is a well known herbal remedy for a variety of heart conditions including cardiac arrhythmias and congestive heart failure.

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The technical term for this condition is cardiac hypertrophy.A dye and X-ray are used to show images of the heart and coronary arteries.

This computer-generated list of complications may be inaccurate or incomplete.

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This is caused by an increase in the bulk of the heart muscle (hypertrophy) or by a ballooning out of the chambers of the heart (dilatation).Cardiomegaly can be caused by a number of different conditions, including diseases of the heart muscle or heart valves, high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and pulmonary hypertension.

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Angina is a symptom of a condition called myocardial ischemia.Cardiomegaly is the generic term for an enlarged heart, but specific types have specialized names like hypertrophic cardiomypoathy.

Heart disease is a term that covers a range of disorders that affect the heart.